Why Protect Call Points?

The effect of false fire alarms

Fire crews are called out to thousands of incidents caused by false alarmsBetween April 1 2014 and March 31 2015, fire crews were called out to thousands of incidents which turned out to be false alarms. Fire Chiefs say each false alarm can cost the Service an average of £2,000, which means 1,000 false alarms cost the service a whopping £2million.

False fire alarms pull resources to what may be an unwanted fire alarm call, which can often be a result of accidental damage or vandalism, when it could be required to attend a real life emergency in another area of the local community …. [READ MORE]


Live investigations of false fire alarms ReportFalse alarms cost Scottish fire service £1 million

544 unwanted calls in six months!!

The fire service in Angus, Scotland, has wasted nearly £1 million over the last six months in attending false alarm calls.

Between March and September firefighters from Scotland Fire and Rescue Service attended 544 unnecessary callouts, with an average cost of £2000 per time. The vast majority of calls were as a result of alarms being automatically triggered at business or residential premises ….[READ MORE]